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Choreographing for Tip Tap Toe has been an amazing experience. I have never choreographed something so in depth or so long for any show. To top this, I was asked to help bring together something that has never really been done; choreograph and create a tap language. It might seem simple in context, but with a show that has absolutely no speaking, and the primary communication is through Tap dance, it was finding a creative way to create something that anyone could understand.

Tap dance, historically, has always been a musical art form as well a dance art form, so creating a language that kept to the roots of its history was exciting. Tap dance has many routes that it has taken throughout history, forming in the early 1800s and evolving to Broadway, movie and as a musical instrument for bands. It is a unique art form that holds many hats; it is not just a musical instrument, but a dance as well; it is also a language in which people communicate.

That’s why choreographing an entire show around Tap dance was extremely exhilarating. The music that was created for this show is not a normal sound that is often heard with Tap dance. So, it has created an unusual, but great relationship, between rhythm Tap and electronic sounding music. Overall, this show is something unique, different and for anyone regardless if they have a love for tap dance, theatre, music, or all of the above.

- Paige Tirs, Choreographer, Tip Tap Toe.

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Biography: Paige, currently, is a dancer with Vinok World of Dance. She performed with Breaking Barres, “Live at the Sands,” during the 2011 Edmonton International Fringe Festival as well as performing at the 2011 Vancouver Tap Festival. Paige was a member of the performing group “3SB China Tour”, that performed throughout China in 2010. She also had a 6-month contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines as one of the Royal Caribbean Dancers. Paige attended the International Dance Championships in Germany and competed in both jazz and tap for Team Canada. She has trained extensively in all disciplines of dance. Currently living in Edmonton, Paige has graduated from MacEwan University with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce and teaches at various studios in the city. She is extremely excited to be able to choreograph her first ever Fringe Show.


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