When I was first approached to write an all new original score for the upcoming show, Tip Tap Toe, my first thought was that it would be very important to showcase tap dance in a whole new light. I really wanted to give the audience a view of Tap dance they had never seen before while avoiding everything everyone thinks of when they think of tap. To that end, I quickly convinced my brother, the director, of the importance of creating very modern, highly rhythmic, and driving music, to capture the emotional essence of a cast of characters who communicate solely through rhythm.

I envisioned a world where music was the very essence of love and life and imagined the characters as living their lives emerged in the throbbing techno beat of a late night dance club. I have worked with incredibly complex voltage controlled networks, often based in Boolean logic, and often stochastic in output, to create structured but somewhat alien sounding pieces for the choreographer to set the dancers to. Each piece is designed to capture the essence of the character who performs it but, at the same time, thematic threads wind throughout the whole show.

Working with choreographer Paige Tirs has been an absolute treat as she quickly grasped the artistic need to balance the musical and dance world's needs with the script in developing the Tip Tap Toe characters and dances. Both director, Will, and choreographer, Paige, have deftly coached our young but brilliant cast, made up of some of Alberta's top talent, in their complex roles as dancers, dreamers, and sweethearts. The beauty of composing original music for the show is simply that we are not only able to develop each character, but also that I have been able to take advantage of the plasticity of the medium, namely rhythm, mood and tempo. Unlike dance performances using prerecorded music, Tip Tap Toe charts a course through wildly varying tempos and timbres, giving the dancers an almost non-stop tour de force of Tap dance in which they become an actual part of the instrumentation.

 Paige Tirs, our choreographer, has brought a musical sensitivity to the show that far exceeds what I often see from many musicians and she has helped to create a synchronistic musical art form quite unlike any other. Will's script shows us the simple story of people's needs, wants, desires, and failings all while only hinting at the deeper and much truer meanings at play. All of this evolves in a carefully crafted story, my dear brother's labour of love, that shows the audience a world they have truly never seen before; a world in which they sing with their feet and dance with their hearts.

- J Daniel Cramer, Musical Director, Tip Tap Toe.

J Daniel Cramer

Biography: J Daniel Cramer has been described as one of the world's top modular synthesizer composers and he has garnered an international audience with his popular YouTube Channel,  dedicated to music composition and modular synthesizers. He has a long history as both a performer and composer in Canada in a wide variety of musical styles. An avid motorcyclist and instructor, Daniel is also very passionately involved in his work as a social worker working with high risk youth. As a multi-instrumentalist Daniel can be seen performing at many live shows from rock to jazz although his passion lies in newer genres of music and their relation to gender diversity.  Daniel was first educated at MacEwan University in both music and social work where he gained notoriety as the first student to use a computer to make music. Daniel has released several albums of his own music, has a recording contract in London, has scored several films, and has produced many albums for other artists. J Daniel Cramer's music can be heard and purchased at Album Downloads.

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