WILL CRAMER ENTERTAINMENT is the parent company of ISLAND OF POODALOO PRODUCTIONS, an artistic collective that creates live, post modern alternative dance, music and acrobatic works for the stage.  The collective adheres to the philosophy that each discipline is its own language and that each language can be explored beyond the present boundaries.


TIP TAP TOE, If You Love Me Never Let Me Go is the story of Poly Poodle Skirt and her co workers, Annabelle and Polka Dot. They make up the office typing pool and Tip Tap Toe, the mail boy, has a crush on Poly. One morning, a magic bowling ball comes in the mail and things in the office take a turn towards the super natural. Poly's typewriter begins talking . . . Handlebar, the repair man, tries to steal the magic bowling ball; Polka Dot has a breakdown; Tip Tap gets jealous; Annabelle gets her bell rung and poor little baby Poodaloopers gets caught in the middle - all the intrigue, greed, avarice, mayhem and heroism of a normal day at the office. But this story is simply not that simple . . . It is set in a world of tap dance . . . No one speaks . . . They communicate by tap dancing. Drawing us into the world of melodic rhythm that becomes a hypnotic language unto itself. The actor/dancers explore this world on stage in a refreshing portrayal of the age old conflict . . . How can I have it all?

Tip Tap Toe is set to an original musical score and sound design by J.DANIEL CRAMER and original choreography by PAIGE TIRS. It pushes the boundaries of tap dance into a bold new artistic world. When we show people something they've never seen before, we call it science. When we show people something they've seen over and over, but in a completely new and original way . . . It's art.

- William R Cramer, Writer, Director and Producer, Tip Tap Toe.

Written, Produced, and Directed by


If You Love Me Never Let Me Go

Biography: Will Cramer has been a professional musician for 33 years, playing jazz, classical, opera, country, and ethnic folk music. He has written three plays and is thrilled to see four of the six dance numbers from Tip Tap Toe performed for the first time. Will is looking forward to seeing the entire show at the 2015 Edmonton Fringe Festival.

William R Cramer

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